Birds are coming in steady, more to come!

Good morning everyone,

It has been a while but no news is good news. Birds have been coming in steady but expect it to be ramping up the next few weeks. Health has been outstanding so far with no issues. So far birds coming in have been very good quality and in great condition, thank you to everyone that has already shipped their birds.

The weather has still been a bit challenging at times with cool than warm temps and wet & windy at times, this afternoon/evening they are calling for wind gusts possible up to 90k/h or 55m/h.

If you have not send your birds yet, now is the time, the late Apr. and May babies are perfect for our darkening system and by next week the forecast is for near perfect weather, sunny with 18-20C or 65-70F.

It will be a great series, we do everything openly, videos of all race releases and surrounding area, proving the race is being released where we say it is. We don't understand why all OLR are not doing this ? This year we will also have life video for arrivals. We will post a link where to view this.

A reminder for shipping to 2 great overseas races, the SAMDPR & the Pattaya. We are the official shipping agents to these 2 great races. The first shipment to the SAMDPR is now closed, if you want to be on the 2nd shipment, we need your birds here by May 25th or for the 3rd shipment, we must have your birds here by June 15th.

For the Pattaya International OLR in Thailand we need your birds here the week of June 04 to 08. Although this is their 3rd year, this is a new race available to the N. American fanciers, it will be a fantastic international race with over 20 different countries competing.

Email us for all information on either one of these races.


Oscar & Linda

Dutch Touch Int OLR


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