Best of luck with your breeding season!

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone had a great winter season. We have not enjoyed it much with the colder and longer periods of cold temperatures, however this past week and the forecast look MUCH better.

It is time again to consider which youngsters to send out and they will hopefully be the champion this year. We have an exciting 5 race series and that is not counting the activation race nor the 400 mile optional race after the main race, so in reality we will have 7 races from about 100 to 400 miles.

Our doors open a little later and closing a little sooner this year. This in our opinion will have a positive effect on the birds. The weather should be better in April and we should have less issues with BoP.

Please vaccinate for PMV several weeks before shipping your birds but no problem if you do not as we will do them, but please tell us whether you did or not and if you did when you did them.

This year again we are official shipping agents for the SAMDPR, we will be doing 2 shipments for sure and if required possibly a 3rd one as well. If you are interested in us shipping your birds to the SAMDPR, send us an email so we can put you on our list and can plan everything with greater detail. Please see flyer for more information.

Best of luck with your breeding season !!

Oscar & Linda

Dutch Touch Int OLR


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