SEPTEMBER 25, 2022
All birds will be flown on darkening system to make it fair for all birds
and not have a large percentage with NO chance due to the moult !!!

Entry Fee for 2022

6 Race Series
(100, 120, 160, 200, 250 & MAIN)
with Optional 425 Long Distance Special!

425 Miles Long Distance Special
$160 per bird
$130 goes to prize fund and $30 for expenses

Average Speed
Short Average Speed includes (100, 120, 160 & 200)
Long Average Speed includes (200, 250 & Main Race)
Overall Average includes all races minus the optional LD Special.

Class Races

$10, $20, $50, $100 and $200 Paid at 1 Prize per 10entries

Pick bird every race:
You can nominate 1 bird from your team (1 each team if you have more than 1 team) at $50, $100 or both. This is for every race, the deadline for receiving money and sending your pick-bird band number will be release time of each race.
Prize pay-out for each is 50%-30%-20%.
For the Main Race and the Long Distance Special we will also have a special $100 WTA.


(1 Bird)


(Includes Average Speed)


  • Average Speed. Short average Speed includes 100M, 120M, 160M, & 200M. Long Average Speed includes 200, 250M & Main Race event. Overall Average speed includes all the above Races.

  • Optional 425 miles Long Distance Special, $160 per bird, $130 goes to race fund & $30 goes to admin/ transportation costs. To be flown approximately 10-14 days after the 325-375 miles main race. Only birds with all fees paid will be trained and shipped to this race.

  • *1st Drop. For MAIN Race and the 400M-645km L.D. Special.

  • The first bird or group of birds to the loft, trapping, landing or circling before the arrival of any other bird(s). If additional bird(s) arrive before all bird(s) of the 1st drop have trapped, only birds having trapped and clocked before additional arriving bird(s) land and trap will be counted as 1st drop.

  • Total number of bird(s) in 1st drop split the equal number of positions totaled equally. with the first bird to receive a bonus for being the first bird in the clock.

  • If no bird(s) clock prior to other bird(s) arriving and mixing with the 1st drop, ALL positions will be paid in clocking order.

  • After 1st drop, ALL other positions paid in clocking order.

  • Same rules apply to the Class races.

  • All prizes based on published number of entries and will be adjusted up or down on actual number of entries.

       Optional Class Entries:

  • Class races will pay 1 prize for every 10 entries and will be available for the main race and the 400-425 miles L.D. Special.

  • The main race and L.D. Special will have A-$10, B-$20, C-$50, D-$100 & E-$200.

  • PICK BIRD: You can nominate 1 bird from your team (1 each team if you have more than 1 team) at $50, $100 or both. This is for every race, the deadline for receiving money and sending your pick-bird number will be release time of each race.


  1. Must be 19 years of age or older. 

  2. Birds accepted from March 1 to May 24th holiday weekend, Absolutely NO exceptions. 

  3. Short Average Speed includes 100, 120, 160 & 200 mile races. Long Average Speed includes 200, 250 & main races. Overall Average Speed includes all races minus the optional LD Special.

  4. By entering the Dutch Touch Int. OLR, you acknowledge and agree with ALL rules and regulations of the Dutch Touch Int. OLR.

  5. All fees must accompany birds when they are sent. If fees are not paid in full, birds become property of Dutch Touch Int. OLR and will be sold, NO exceptions.

  6. No refunds for lost birds.

  7. Average speed will be computed by the clock. Computed on total time/total distance.

  8. Time Out for Darkness, 30 minutes after sundown and 30 minutes before sunrise is dead time. Birds clocked in TOD before midnight given End time of day 1, birds clocked after midnight given start time of next day.

  9. Flight day times will not be extended due to Clocking of bird in TOD.

  10. NO birds can be bought at O&L DeVries and then entered in Dutch Touch Int. OLR, NO birds bred on our property are allowed in the Dutch Touch Int. OLR.

  11. All birds will be vaccinated for P.M.V. upon arrival.

  12. No one will be allowed to handle any of their bird(s) until the supervised night of shipping for the Dutch Touch Int. OLR.

  13. The first 50 birds clocked in the main race, the top 3 Ace pigeons in the sprint,  long, overall averages and the top 15 in the long distance special will be Auctioned. All returning European birds will be sold under the same rules split 50/50 with The Dutch Touch paying the Auction fees.. All other birds can be picked up by appointment or send back, return fees must be paid and bird(s) must be retrieved within 14 days after the last race. USA fanciers $75 shipping per box (USPS), add $10 for each bird over two (2). Shipping by airline within Canada is $175 per crate when shipping with WestJet, if with Air Canada, their shipping fee plus $50. If fees are not received in full within 14 days after the last race (LD Special), remaining birds will become property of Dutch Touch Int. OLR.

  14. Dutch Touch Int. OLR Loft manager reserves the right to make any and all decisions.

  15. Dutch Touch Int. OLR reserves the right to refuse entry to any breeder or attendee to the Dutch Touch Int. OLR at their discretion.

  16. All race dates are subject to weather conditions.

  17. All training less than 93M-150km will be group tosses and all training and races over 93M-150km will be mass release.

  18. In the event there are no day birds the race will close at the end of day two (2) if a minimum of 50% of the birds entered in that race are clocked, if less than 50% are clocked by the end of the second (2nd) day, the race will close at the end of three (3) days. Any prices not won will be divided equally to all birds that clocked in that race.  

  19. The care, training & management of birds entered in the Dutch Touch Int. OLR is at the sole discretion of the loft manager with the owners supervision.

  20. The birds will be given the best feed & products available from BEYERS, which are directly imported by Oscar & Linda DeVries from Europe. Many believe BEYERS to have the highest quality pigeon feeds & products in the world. See www.beyersbelgium.be

  21. Healthcare advice from Belgica deWeerd. For more info visit website at: www.belgicadeweerd.com.

  22. BRICON www.briconuk.com electronic OLR timing system will be used with live online clocking on www.WinCompanion.com

  23. All entry fees, special race categories & payouts are in Canadian funds, payable to FRIESDEEL FARMS INC. 

  24. Fanciers paying in USD funds, cheques or money orders MUST be made payable to Friesdeel Farms Inc.

 Quarantine in Canada paid by DutchTouch International. 
 Birds remaining after the final race (580km) will be auctioned with proceeds (after expenses) split 50% breeder, 50% DT   



Oscar & Linda DeVries

10744 Cameron Rd.  Winchester, ON, K0C 2K0

 TEL: 613-989-1526, TEXT 613-290-0783

Email: dutchtoucholr@gmail.com

John Stevenson and Tammie Monks

 TEL: 1-403-870-1966

Email: dutchtouchloftmanager@gmail.com


Ship birds via Air Canada or WestJet to Ottawa Int. airport. Send birds attention to info above.

Please ship to have birds arrive on THURSDAY or FRIDAY.
Southern ON fanciers - 5 Pick up dates in 2022:

Mar. 20 - starts in Chatham

April 10 - starts in Woodstock

April 24 - starts in Chatham

May 8- starts in Woodstock

May 23 - starts in Chatham

ATTENTION, we will also do pick ups of birds for the USA OLR like the Hoosier Classic, etc, and the Pattaya Int. OLR Thailand on our pickup dates.

Our dates for shipments to the USA are Mar. 28 and May 2. Later ones will be announced in the updates.

Drop off at DT Int. OLR, call, text or email. 613-989-1526, text 613-290-0783dutchtoucholr@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: We are a legal, registered business called "". We abide by all Canadian laws, therefore we declare our profits as income and pay income tax on those profits. ALL registered businesses must, by law, collect HST or GST if the business has a gross annual revenue of $30,000 or more. Only a few Provinces have switched to HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), Ontario is one of those Provinces, others have kept the old system by not combining the PST and the GST, for example Alberta, is one of those Provinces that have kept the taxes separate. On top of all this the amount of tax, HST, GST and PST varies from Province to Province. What does this mean to “” and you?? Although our business resides in Ontario, when birds are sent from another Province we must charge the tax that is applicable to that Province. When bird entries come from a Province that has HST, we must collect the HST that is applicable to that Province. Bird entries from another Province that does not have HST, than we only charge GST. American entries will pay at the Ontario rate which is HST at 13%. Taxes are only on perch fees, not on entry or special race class entries. No W9 – 1099, no taxes on winnings.